RankDCG: Rank-Ordering Evaluation Measure

    Ranking is used for a wide array of problems, most notably information retrieval (search). There are a number of popular approaches to the evaluation of ranking such as Kendall’s tau, Average Precision, and nDCG. When dealing with problems such as user ranking or recommendation systems, however, all these measures suffer from various problems, including inability to deal with ties, inconsistent and ambiguous lower bound score and inappropriate cost function. We propose a new measure, rankDCG, that addresses these problems. A publicly available RankDCG evaluation package is available here: RankDCG code library

Tweet Streamer Python Lybrary for Searching and Downloading Tweets

    A simple python tweet streamer library. This library provides scripts that search and download tweets in real-time (limited to 1 tweet per 3seconds). The tweets are stored as a gzip-compressed text file with JSON objects inside. The script stores the data in chunks of one day. This is done to clear the RAM and optimize the portability of the data. A publicly available code is available here: py_tweet_streamer python library